Land near DENIZLI, 15,850m², on the edge of a forest, for wine or fruit cultivation, from Owner

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Farmland with very nice view in natural envirenment near a big lake!

Cadastral numbers: Ada: 0 Parsel: 58

Size: 15.850m² Type: TARLA (basicly, building possible!)

GoogleMaps coordinates: 38.24420251858467, 29.24600274614299 so you could look yourself if the area is according to your Dreams! You will find many places of interests, arround!

The property is, without neighboures, beside a river bed, in a valley that has dug deep into the loess soil, but still secure for flooding, because of its hillsite position!

This means, too, that it is very protected from storms and the nights are not that cold in winter either!

The plot is located about 2000 m from a lake of a dam (path goes there directly from the property!). Source of drinking water is about 300m away! The municipality allows the use of the drinking water (pipe can be connected from the source to the property) It is possible to create a well on the property (up to a depth of 10m without permission and without limitations!)

The Plot has a peaceful situation, with a very nice view! It is neighboured to a very large forest with more as 7 Million m². It is possible to use it for goats grazing, for example!

The area is famous for growing just every plant and tree which exist! Ideal for vine or fruit trees, walnut, hazelnut, eucalyptus, - everything possible!


The plot is placed exactly at the border of the Provinces of Denizli and Usak!

The next small city around is Bekilli with a own farmers market and all necessary shops and infrastructure!

The next big citys are Usak and Denizli! Both have an airport!

Bekilli has a good bus connection to Denizli!

2 Ways are connected to the plot. One good situated dirt road is placed parallel to the small river, crooses the plot downstairs and could be used by normal cars, without problems! The other is a government forest road, hillsite, which could be used by big trucks, too! (government old this street in a very good condition!) This road is placed exactly at the plots border to the forest! With a small earth ramp you could make a connection to the plot, too! In that case you will have the luxurious situation of the connection of two independent streets!

If a farm is operated, a house and farm building can be erected without special permission, too, after consultation with the mayor! Otherwise, residential buildings or tourism projects require a building request, but this is generaly possible!

Interesting for:

Investors – You could hold the land and wait until every year the price grows (in Euro not very much, but for this it is a solid investment! The lost of your money isnt possible at the moment!

Farmers – Very good Farmland with loess earth! Very good for Vine or Fruit-trees!

Touristic projects- Nearly every kind of touristic project could be realized here!

General projects – For example an small village for old people with additional support for healthy! Or a small village with small houses with garden, a SPA Hotel, Caravan and tent place or to place Tinny houses!

Hunting Lodge (Many wild animals in that area) – This only some ideas for the use!

An ideal place for people which loves the nature!

We are selling all our possessions in Turkey as we made an unexpected inheritance in Spain! (If you buy the entire package, we will make an interesting special price!)

Our property for to sell:

- Land in Denizli (this one)

- Approximately 28,000m² (two neighboured parsels) olive grove (near Bodrum)

- Farm house with more than 3000m² ground and big barn!

ALL COMMISSION FREE!!!! = Directly from the owner!

We speak German, English and Turkish!


Frank Schlammer

(German and English)

Tel: Click to show phone number.. +90 54436031XX

Post ID: 242043743
2,100,000 TRY
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